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Man of the World

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About the band

Kilroy Kobra is a band from Atlanta fronted by producer and multi-instrumentalist Tommy Uribe who spent his post-college life working on KK's first album Man of the World and collaborating / producing with many artists in the Atlanta music scene!

Man of the World is a genre-melting art rock album inspired by Uribe's experiences of growing up in different cultures; and with any culture, there is music and art that define the people who live within the culture. The music, nostalgic feeling as it is, is one of the most open-minded albums you'll experience in a while. An absolute must for those who just genuinely love music.

Life is an amazing art project, and just like artists themselves will tell you, “It’s never done.”

Kilroy Kobra is:

Tomas Uribe

vocals, guitar, Keys

Carly Jones


Joshua Seckman

Synth, Percussion

Jason Murray


Michael Denness